Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why Anderson? – Thoughts from Fellow Admits and Current Students (Part 8)

This post is a continuation of "Why Anderson? – Thoughts from Fellow Admits and Current Students."  Thank you again to all the individuals who have submitted their thoughts.

My reasons for choosing Anderson:
1. Its faculty and reputation, and the flexible curriculum. As in all top MBA programs, the faculty is excellent but what I really like about Anderson is the flexibility of its curriculum, I have a degree in business and I dont want to retake the same courses I took at college, the flexibility is an opportunity to go deeper in the areas I am more interested in. I also like the AMR project, it is great to have a class that consists in pure real business experience!

2. Location. Los Angeles offers excellent opportunities and, as I would like to be in SoCa after my MBA, it is the place I want to be, plus, as a native Spanish speaker, it is especially interesting to me in terms of competitive advantage in the job market there. And of course the sunshine doesn't hurt either :)

3. Fit. I have spoken with many students and alumni from different top MBA programs and Anderson people are the ones with whom I had a stronger connection. I also loved my campus visit, I felt really welcome. I also love the collavorative envirornment there.

- Incoming student, UCLA Anderson Class of 2016

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