Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mid-Round One Update

So, it’s has been a little bit since I last provided an update.  Life has just been busy, and I haven’t had a ton of time to blog.  It was been over a month since I submitted my last application.  Unfortunately, things have been a little quieter than I would like.  I am not a fan of all this waiting.  As painful as studying for the GMAT, writing essays, filling out apps, reviewing my resume were, at least I felt like I was in control.  There were still things I could do to improve aspects of my applications.  It’s strange hitting that submit button and feeling like, “That’s it.  Nothing else I can do at this point.”

Anyway, here is a breakdown of where I am at with each school.

This was my last application submitted.  Overall, I was very happy and felt like I did really well on the essays.  I felt like I was able to paint the best picture of myself through the Haas application vs. the other programs I applied to.  This is probably because of the number of essays, but I also liked the essay topics.  As many of you know, I am a reapplicant to Haas.  I really struggled with the “If you could pick one song to describe you” essay last year, but this year, it was my favorite essay.  As far as interview invites go, I am still playing the waiting game with this one.

I interviewed with a Kellogg alumnus about three weeks ago.  The interview went really well and got me even more excited about Kellogg and the MMM program.  I am hopeful with this application, but it's tough predicting how things are going to turn out since Kellogg tries to interview as many applicants as possible.  Whatever happens, I really don't think my interview could have gone any better.

As far as the application goes, I was really happy about it.  I was pretty nervous about the video essay question, but it turned out to be much easier than the questions I received in my video portion of the Yale application.

The 8th of November was the final day Sloan sent out interview invites (according to the Sloan admissions blog).  Although I have seen a few since that deadline according to some of the member of the GMAT Club.  I was on edge all day, and when the invite didn't come, I was a bit depressed.  Definitely makes you doubt your whole application strategy...  Well last Friday I was informed that I was offered a spot on the waitlist!  It's not an interview invite or an acceptance, but it's not a ding.  Since I was fully excepting to be dinged, it was some much needed good news.  Now I just need to work on putting together a good update and some supplemental materials.

Tuck has been on my short list of schools I would love to attend since I started researching MBA programs.  Last year I went out to Hanover for a visit and an interview.  Unfortunately I was not admitted, but I was encouraged by the admissions committee to reapply.  Over the spring I met with an adcom to review my application and talk about areas I could improve.  During the past several months, I have focused on those areas and have done my best to make those weaknesses strengths.  Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to travel to Tuck this year to interview.  I recently discovered that Tuck generally does not re-interview reapplicants unless they go to Tuck for a applicant initiated interview.  My mind was put at easy knowing that I still have a chance to get in without an interview, but it definitely does stink not having any idea where I stand until D-day.  Crossing my fingers.

Yale SOM:

I haven't heard anything from SOM yet.  I still have some hope, but with D-day quickly approaching, it's tough to be too optimistic.  Still, I am crossing my fingers.  I felt pretty good about my overall application.

Well that is that... until next time.  Good luck to all the other round one applicants out there!  On that note, here is a pretty hilarious Foot Locker commercial... enjoy!

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