Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Anderson? – Thoughts from Fellow Admits and Current Students (Part 1)

Over the past month the reasons for me choosing to attend Anderson have continued to grow.  I have gotten to know some current students and fellow members of the Class of 2016.  I am excited to join such an amazing community!  One thing that really helped me with my decision of where to apply and ultimately where to attend b-school was hearing from students.  I decided to ask a few of my future classmates as well as some current Anderson students to answer the question, “Why Anderson?”  I will be posting their responses over the coming days and weeks.  Here is one response I received from a member of the Class of 2014.  Hopefully her thoughts, as well the thoughts of the other students, will help any applicants thinking about applying or attending Anderson.

"I had a great career in New York, and I wasn't sure I needed to go to business school, and if I did, I thought I wanted to go to one of the top five schools. When, I was introduced to Anderson, however, my perspective changed completely. The students were ambitious but supportive of each other, and were the happiest people of any business schools I had visited. From Ivy Leaguers to Iraq War veterans to former male models, the class was more diverse than I thought possible, and I knew I could learn a lot from these people. I decided to go to Anderson over other, higher ranked schools, because it simply felt right. I have never once regretted that decision. 
"Anderson has been nothing short of a transformational experience. I became incredibly involved early on in my first year, and I have most enjoyed getting to know every one of my classmates through student government, professional organizations, and fun Anderson traditions like football tailgates, C4C Charity Weekend, and Lit Club. As I graduate, I feel lucky to have made such incredible new friends, and I know it is a network of impressive people that will help me for the rest of my life." - Kate Edwards, UCLA Anderson Class of 2014


  1. Congratulations! Definitely a big achievement!

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